Q&A For: Cell Phones For Seniors

  • Author: Robert N.
    Is it safe to use cell phones by seniors?
    • The safety of cell phones has been under scrutiny for many years now. There has been no conclusive evidence to prove that cell phones are harmful to the health of seniors or anyone else. You can read more information regarding this at http://www.cellphonesafety.org/.
      Answered by: Eric X.
  • Author: Jose H.
    Are there any programs providing free or discount cell phones to senior citizens?
    • Yes there are several programs for free or discounted cell phones for seniors. One such program is Great Call which supplies several low priced phones for seniors. http://www.greatcall.com/
      Answered by: Jeremy R.
    • Great Call does not have great prices if you do not use 100 min a month. Buy a pay to go phone & a $10.00 phone card for minamal usage. T-mobile has this plan or higher if you use more minutes. Being a senior myself I was not even aware of this. Check all phones and compare how much you would use a phone.
      Answered by: Joan M.
  • Author: Brittany B.
    Are there any cell phone discounts for seniors?
    • Some cell phone companies like jitterbug.com do offer cellular phone discounts for seniors. Verizon and AT&T may also offer modest bill discounts for seniors.
      Answered by: Rachel L.
  • Author: Christopher T.
    Are there special plans for cell phones for seniors?
    • There are not special cell phone plans for seniors, but if you are a senior who seldom uses a cell phone, there are many inexpensive plans with low minutes available, including prepaid cell phones.
      Answered by: Brandon D.
  • Author: Alexis F.
    Are there cell phone plans specifically for seniors?
    • There are many plans available for seniors. From ones specifically designed for seniors like one below that gives a fair amount of minutes to be used to ones that are only for emergencies, such as pay as you go or prepaid accounts. http://cellphones.about.com/od/serviceplans/a/verizon_s2.htm
      Answered by: Katherine P.

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