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  • Author: Charles K.
    My father in law had prostate cancer but there was never a change in his PSA level. What are the normal PSA levels and at what level is prostate cancer likely?
    • PSA levels are measured in nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL). Anything in the 4 to 10 ng/mL is considered normal although a man can still develop the cancer but his risk is much smaller than if he had a higher number,
      Answered by: Edna U.
  • Author: Jasmine Y.
    my husband just recently went to the doctor for some blood tests because he is having some problems. They want to rule out prostate cancer. What is considered to be normal PSA levels?
    • By normal standards, a PSA level below 4ng/mL is considered to be acceptable, however research has shown that a value above 2.5 or 3 ng/mL may be cause for further investigation, especially if risk factors are present.
      Answered by: Chelsea I.
  • Author: Alyssa M.
    My boyfriend recently had testing done on his prostate. What do elevated PSA levels mean?
    • Elevated PSA levels can mean different things. It can point to a higher risk of cancer of the prostate or it could point to a more benign enlargement of the prostate. It is important to understand that prostate cancer can occur with normal PSA levels present. Your boyfriend should follow up with his physician to do more tests to determine what is causing the elevated PSA levels.
      Answered by: Mary G.
  • Author: Megan C.
    I am a 65 year old man and recently had my PSA level checked. The doctor said that the results were 5 and at my age it was normal. I thought that above 4 was abnormal. What are normal PSA levels for a man of my age?
    • The normal prostate specific antigen levels that can be found for a person who is of 65 years of age or older are like 0 to 4.5 and having 4 is very normal to have a PAS level at the age of 65.
      Answered by: Victoria M.
  • Author: Cameron Q.
    I recently read that PSA levels can be used to diagnose prostrate cancer. What are considered normal PSA levels for men?
    • PSA levels that are considered normal for men are in the range of four to nine nanograms per millimeter in blood. Anything over these numbers indicates a possibility of prostate cancer.
      Answered by: Amanda A.

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