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  • Author: Chelsea U.
    What hospitals/treatments/medications are implemented to help fight ovarian cancer?
    Topic: Gynecology
    Tags:  ovarian cancer  
    • Ovarian cancer is usually classified into 4 different stages depending on the severity of the cancer. Early stages such as I and II only require removal of the tumor/ovaries. If the condition is more severe, as in stage III or IV, than surgery as well as chemotherapy is used to treat the cancer. Antitumor drugs such as Topotecan and Docetaxel can be used to help treat ovarian cancer.
      Answered by: Tyler Y.
  • Author: Jason Y.
    My sister told my that her partner has rectal cancer. She also told me that she's going to need help taking care of her partner. Before going in blindly I want to know what are the treatments for rectal cancer?
    Topic: Oncology
    • Rectal cancer can be deadly there are many treatments being explored one of which is radiation which can be just as dangerous but has a good turnout rate.
      Answered by: Courtney C.
  • Author: Ashley Y.
    My girlfriend thinks that she has a urinary tract infection. She's had blood in her urine the past couple of days. Is this a sign of a urinary tract infection?
    Topic: Urology
    • Signs of a urinary tract infection include burning when urinating, frequent urinating, low back pain, and it can also cause a fever. Not everyone will have the same signs but these are a few to look for.
      Answered by: Victoria S.
  • Author: Alexis C.
    I have intermittent problems with constipation, and often don't have time to eat the right foods. Are there safe, effective natural supplements to aid in bowel regularity?
    Tags:  constipation  
    • Some natural supplements that are beneficial to bowel health are papaya, barley grass, colon health probiotic capsules, and calcium. Fiber and foods high in fiber can also be helpful.
      Answered by: Kimberly W.
  • Author: Stephen S.
    My husband has a white spot on his inner lower lip. The doctor told him that it is not cancer, but he would have to watch it for change in size or color. Are there any other signs he should look for?
    Tags:  mouth cancer signs  
    • Some symptoms is sudden bleeding of the gums, very often sore throat, changes in the vocal pattern, a numbness in the throat and a foul taste in the mouth. Good luck.
      Answered by: Taylor C.

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