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  • Author: Daniel R.
    My dad went out on early retirement. What is the earliest age that someone can be eligible for AARP life insurance?
    • The company AARP will only allow people of 57 years of age or older to participate in their programs. This is the age in which he would be available for AARP life insurance.
      Answered by: Justin B.
  • Author: Kimberly Z.
    Do cell phone companies offer deals for senoirs?
    • Most cell phone carriers unfortunately do not offer any special deals for seniors but basic cell phone plans are not that expensive. You can, however, check your local carrier and find out if they will make a deal for you.
      Answered by: Heather J.
  • Author: Sean V.
    Where can I find a personal medical alarm?
    • The best place to find a personal medical alarm is either to consult your doctor or a security monitoring company as they will be able to set the system up and monitor your alarm.
      Answered by: Sarah F.
  • Author: Rebecca H.
    I dont want to put my grandmother in a home. What are some at home care services?
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    • Home care service providers can be located in your local phone book. You private physician, hospital or you local state agency can also provide you with a wealth of information.
      Answered by: Michelle R.
  • Author: Danielle J.
    My grant aunt lives alone and will not move into a retirement home. Is there a website listing caregivers for the elderly?
    • Choosing a caregiver for a loved one is a very difficult choice. While searching online can give you a lot of good information, I would recommend talking to people in your community including your Dictor about any recommendations. There is a website online that lists several caregivers throughout the United States. Here is the link; http://homecareusa.com If you live in Canada, you can check out this site; http://www.caregivers.ca/
      Answered by: Kelsey T.

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